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  • Audio welcome from John.
  • My dance leading interest dates back to 4-H and Farm Bureau Youth involvement.
  • I began leading dances in 1981.
  • I have conducted hundreds of programs for or at the following: Ohio Farm Bureau, county Farm Bureaus, Buckeye Leadership Workshop, 4-H camps and events, Ohio State Fair, county fairs, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, churches, home school groups, family outings, corporate events, festivals, weddings, fraternities, sororities, barn dances, college events, Girl Scouts, fundraising events, community events, school events, camps and many, many more.
  • I am based in central Ohio and will generally drive throughout the state and into neighboring states. Feel free to contact me to discuss traveling for your event in this area and in other parts of the country.

                       John Wargowsky 

My roots in learning and leading dances


This is the Recreation Hall at 4-H Camp Ohio in Utica where I first learned some line dances in 1972 and 1973. I remember feeling awkward on the dance floor. I was extremely shy at this young age.




This is Founders Hall at Bluffton University in Bluffton where I  first learned square, round, folk and novelty dancing while attending my first Farm Bureau Youth Conference in July 1977. I remember struggling to learn square dancing here. I was encouraged and coached with much patience, leading to my current philosophy of always taking time to teach beginners.



This is the Marbeck Center at Otterbein College in Westerville. My interest in square, round, folk, line and novelty dancing grew in 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981 when I attended a variety of Farm Bureau Summer Youth Conferences. I called my first square dance here at the Ohio Farm Bureau Southeast Regional Youth Conference in June 1981. My most fond memories of learning to dance are in this facility.


I called my first public square dance in Rhodes Center during the Farm Bureau Youth Dance at the Ohio State Fair in August 1981. I've attended well over 40 square dances at this facility during the Ohio State Fair and called one or more dances at nearly all of these dances.



I called my first square dance for hire at the Oval at The Ohio State University in September 1982. We played my records on a radio station's sound system and the wind kept blowing the needle across my records. My senior year at OSU was enriched with opportunities to lead dances for student groups.




Since those early forming times, I have been blessed with hundreds of opportunities to teach thousands of people to dance and enjoy the social benefits of dancing. I teach many of the same dances and added some new ones over the years. What makes each event special is how people connect and relate to one another. We've celebrated numerous special occasions, participated in many programs and made a lot of new friends. I welcome your inquiries on how you can benefit from organizing a dance program. Help pass this kind of dancing to the next generation.


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