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Passing Dance to the Next Generation

Posted on September 18, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Square, round and line dancing provides a great opportunity for families to experience fun together. Last weekend I led a dance in Lorain County where we had about 30 people and had two to three sets when we square danced. This creates a very friendly environment for teaching and personal interaction. We had an age range from children to seniors in the audience.

I always ask who the beginning dancers are so I know how to best teach for the group. We quickly identified a family with two daughters who wanted to learn to square dance. It is such an honor when I get to be part of one of those dances. This creates aspecial experience for that family when they get to pass along their enjoyment of square dancing to their children.

It was a joy to watch the two girls learn throughout the evening. They started off being a little frustrated when move they were first trying to learn didn't flow smoothly for them. By the endof the evening, you would have thought they had been dancing longer than they had lived! They had a great time. That family went home having experienced a special time together that they will long remember and look forward to experiencing again.

I've seen this numerous times in my nearly 30 years of leading dance. It is special each time I see it happen. Let me know if I can help your family have such an experience. Check my blog for the latest listing of dances in Ohio, If you want to organize a dance, read my article, "Organizing a Dance." Feel free to Contact Me for assistance.

Happy dancing!




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