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Accepting Divine Appointments

Posted on June 13, 2009 at 8:15 AM

I have learend over the past two years that God blesses us with divine appointments to demonstrate the love of Jesus to others in need of His love, salvation and healing. These appointments are presented to you at times that are not convenient and you don't even know at the time the significance of the appointment. God works through us in spite of oursleves if we only agree to say yes. I've also found the opportunity to say yes ( at least for me) is a really short window of opportunity.

I will share two past divine appointments in a way that will protect their privacy.

First, is a lady I met in a restaurant in Delaware, Ohio in May 2008. I went into that restaurant many Satruday nights to eat dinner after attending Saturday night church services. She worked as a waitress and bartender.  We got to know each other over time and looked forward to talking to each other. One Saturday night in late June she asked if she could go to church with me. She told me she had always wanted to go to the Vineyard Church of Delaware County but wanted to go with someone she trusted. I told her she could go with me. We went the fist Sunday in July. She was quite nervous of how people would react to her in chuch, but she boldly approached God, accepting Jesus as her Savior that day.

She continued to go to church with me when her schedule permitted. She told me much of her past and current struggles in life. I became quite amazed at her courage to fight through the struggles and realized that she truly needed mircaculous healing to overcome health issues that resulted form her past struggles. I would go periods of time not seeing her and praying for her well-being and healing. I realized in January 2009 that she had a new sense of purpose in her spririt in the midst of her health becoming worse.

One day in February 2009 I received a call from one of the pastors at my church telling me she had passed away quickly in a single car auto accident. It was devastating news. I knew virtually no one at her funeral. Another pastor at my church officiated at the funeral. He asked me to say a few words to help her family and friends know that she knew Jesus in her heart before she died. I did that and had several people express appreciation for sharing that.

I could never imagine how God would work through me to bring His healing rain to her. Her quick passing was His most merciful way to heal her of her health issues. God softened my heart in the process. The pastor who officiated at her funeral later told me that he is aware that some people at the funeral also accepted jesus as their Savior at the funeral.

What a blessing to be used by God to show Jesus' love to someone needing His healing.

Second, was a time when a friend of mine called me on a very busy morning in the spring of 2009 and asked if I had time to talk. I was ready to ask if I could call him back later when I realized his voice was quite troubled. I went into a room where I could talk to him in private. He proceeded to tell me his relationship with his fiance had broken down to the point where they were not talking anymore. They were due to be married the following month and didn't know if the weddingwas on or off.

God put James 1 on my heart and I prayed some of the message of James 1 to him and asked God for healing to the relationship. I did have to go get a staff meeting started. After getting the first speaker introduced, I went to my computer, searched for James 1 and e-mailed that to him. He later told me he copied that from his e-mail and texted it to his fiance. He told me how that scripture softened both of their hearts and they began to talk again. Their wedding happened as scheduled and they are now a happily married couple.

I find it truly amazing that God chose to work through a life-long bachelor to facilitate healing to this relationship. This appointment helped me gain a greater appreciation for the power of God's word.

I urge anyone reading this to say yes when God provides you a divine appointment. He will do the heavy lifting in the situation if you merely demonstrate Jesus' love to the other person. I think often of my pastor's message that we should always answer YES when God asks us to do something and that we should answer Yes right away.

To anyone needing help and healing, please ask for that help. God has somone ready to show you the love of Jesus and bring you His healing. I urge you to click on the link below to listen to and watch the video "Healing Rain" by Michael W. Smith.

May God bless each of you.

   Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith

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