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Prayer Ministry at the Ohio Reformatory for Women

Are you called to pray for women in prison? Read on to learn more.

Mission: To pray regularly for newly incarcerated women in the receiving center at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW).

When: Every Monday evening that is not a State of Ohio holiday. We arrive at the prison at 6:00pm, check in, and are escorted to the Meridian Correctional Compound (MCC). We are done by about 8:30pm and leave the facility by about 9:00pm.

Background: Kim McGarvey and John Wargowsky felt called to start a regular prayer ministry at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. After much prayer and consideration by the ORW Chaplains, God opened this ministry in December 2016. The 250 to 280 women in MCC are newly incarcerated in their first four to six weeks. They undergo assessments to determine assignment to longer term placement in the general population at the Ohio Reformatory for Women or the Dayton Correctional Institution.

These women are experiencing loss, grief, anxiety and fear. They are highly receptive to seeking new directions for their lives. Prayer is leading to salvations every week, forgiveness and much more. Each week we offer a very short message, pray over the group, and engage with them in personal prayer. So far, 70 to 80 women are attending this weekly ministry.

Getting Involved: Christian men and women (18 and older) are welcome to join this ministry. You may participate as much as your schedule permits. We simply need to know when you plan to attend.

If you are not already an approved volunteer, you may attend as a one-time guest, only needing to complete two, one-page forms. If you wish to continue participation after the first time, John will work with you to complete a number of forms and attend to two-hour training session at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

Those who are already approved volunteers may be added to the standing gatepass.

How to Volunteer:

Ohio Reformatory for Women - 1479 Collins Ave, Marysville, OH 43040